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"The God of Sky & Thunder"

In ancient mythology he is the father of gods & men, ruler of mount olympus. Even gods who were not his children addressed him as father all other gods rise in his presence. He is king of the gods who oversaw the universe, his symbols are the eagle, bull & oak, his weapon of choice is the thunderbolt. This god was identified by other civilizations such as the romans, egyptians, etruscans & other ancient near east cultures. To romans he was jupiter, to egyptians he was ammon, to etruscans he was tinia & to the greeks he was the mighty Zeus.

Standing nearly two feet tall, this intimidating statue captures the god in a pre-emptive strike pose, but who or what is he striking. The only way to find out whom or what he is striking you must collect the rest of the "GODZ".

Sculpted by: Avinash Hegde

23.5 inches tall
15 in length
15 in width

Special Features:
Glow in the dark eyes & thunderbolt
certificate of authenticity


Limited to 50pcs.
Expected Release: June/July 2011


Sold exclusively by The Lair Inc.
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